Privacy Policy

We want you as a long-term customer and patron. We will treat you how we would like to be treated.

Below is our current policy regarding usage of information collected by Android Life magazine and it's publisher, Mango Life Media Incorporated. On occasion we reevaluate this policy based on customer feedback, effective business practices, and treating customers fairly and properly.

  1. We never give out phone numbers, nor do we ever telemarket. When collected, phone numbers are used only by our customer service representatives for support or a purchase concerns.

  2. We obtain email address and other information in any of a number of ways. These include but are not limited to:

    1. Subscriptions to Android Life

    2. Registering at this web site

    3. Request for a sample print or electronic issue

    4. Subscription to our email newsletters

    5. Shopping cart purchases

    6. Online surveys

On occasion we may send you relevant email concerning our products or services. There is an opt-out notice on any such email we send you. We will do our best to honor your intentions if you didn't opt-in when signing up for our forum or email newsletters, or if you explicitly opted out. However, we may have received your email address in several ways, or you may have multiple email addresses, so please excuse any unintentional additional email. Please opt-out again, or you may contact us at or call 800-373-6114, with concerns or problems.

  1. With your permission, when you opt-in, we will on occasion send you email about Android-related products. We will not abuse this privilege. You will always have the opportunity to opt-out. You will always know that we are the source with any such email.

  2. We take all reasonable precautions to protect against loss or misuse of customer information. However, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot assume liability for security breaches.

  3. As part of our service, we link to many Web sites. We consider these useful, reputable sites. However, due to the changing nature of the Web, we cannot assume responsibility for content, security, or privacy policies of any of these Web sites.

  4. We use cookies and web beacons to enable our shopping cart, to track web traffic, and support advertising partnerships such as Google and Tech Net. We do not profile or collect personally identifiable information on individuals.

  5. We use traffic pattern information from our Web sites, collected demographics, and Web survey information to provide better, more appropriate editorial products, and to encourage vendors to advertise. We may share collective information internally and among potential advertisers, but we never share data about specific individuals.

  6. If you have complaints or concerns, you may e-mail the Publisher, David Averbach.

  7. If you wish to unsubscribe from any of our newsletters, use the Unsubscribe link that you'll find at the bottom of each newsletter we send you. Otherwise, send an e-mail to with the word "Unsubscribe" in the subject line and let us know which newsletter you wish to be unsubscribed from.

Blog Disclaimer

Android Life takes care to see that the information posted by bloggers on its website is accurate and truthful. However, Android Life does not expressly or impliedly warrant or guarantee the accuracy of its contents and the information others post through blogs and blog comments. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely those of the individual bloggers, and do not represent the views and opinions of Android Life magazine.