Get Fit with SMS Audio Headphones for Android

Sync by 50 On Ear Headphones

As an Android lover, I always enjoy finding products that pair seamlessly with my devices.  SMS Audio has a variety of headphones to love, two of which have earned a top spot in my tech arsenal.

SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds

SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds, with Intel inside, define a new era of earbuds as they provide active heart rate monitoring along with the amazing sound we all depend on while working out. 


Historically, in-ear headphones and I have not gotten along very well due largely to the uncomfortable fit.  The design of the SMS BioSport Earbuds offer a different fit that finally delivers comfort they sit deeper and have a design that enables them to sit in the ear without purely jamming them in in hopes they stay put. The deeper seating is what also allows for a better read on your heart rate.

SMS Audio BioSport Headphones

Extra Features

One of my favorite features of SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds is the extra-long cable.  There is nothing worse than exercising or traveling and extending your arms only to have your cable tug out of your ear.  Tall people will enjoy this feature as well! With these SMS earbuds you also receive a perfectly sized carrying pouch which I love because I can keep my headphones safe and tangle free in my favorite handbag.

If I am packing light, I could easily use these on an airplane because they have a pseudo like noise canceling effect.  And because these earbuds do not require a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, they are ideal for maintaining fitness routines while traveling.


SMS Audio incorporated the Intel chip to monitor your heart rate and send that data to your smartphone. Currently, BioSport works with the Runkeeper app for smartphones, but there are future plans to work with expanded applications.

With a simple flip of a switch on the earbud wire, you can toggle between heart rate monitor and phone functions.  I found the heart rate monitoring to be accurate as it would give about the same readout as my Microsoft Band.  

BioSport earbuds draw power from the device using the gold plated jack and require little power to run the heart rate monitor so don’t worry about your phone’s power depleting after a workout. This is a major benefit of these earbuds as others that do this require a recharge after every workout.

The SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitoring retail for $149.95.

SMS Audio Sync by 50 On Ear Sport Headphones


It seems everyone has a clear preference for in ear versus over the ear headphones. I love over the ear because of the encased sound and fit. The memory foam on the ear cups of the SYNC by 50 headphones are incredibly comfortable whether being sport or not during use.

One of the little things that makes a big difference for me in comfort on these SYNC by 50 headphones is the memory foam that is underneath the band of the headphones.  The padding allows the headphones to sit comfortably on the head and as a female, I appreciate that this stops them from getting my hair fuzzed out or worse off entangled. The padding also provides extended comfort if I wear these during long flights, which I love.

Extra Features

The outside of these Sync by 50 headphones are coated in 40U rubber which helps the headphones fight off sweat, fingerprints and dust. As a mother, this feature earns top praise. The ear cups also have a nano-coating as well that gives them an ipx4 rating, which makes them sweat and water resistant.

You can use SYNC by 50 On Ear headphones with a wire or via Bluetooth which offers flexibility and means no tangled bundles of wires either. Another nice design feature is that the controls for volume are on the right earpiece for easy access.  They fold flat for storage and come with a nice clam shell case to keep them protected. Plus, the case looks fabulous!


Sync by 50 provide a truly studio mastered sound with deep rich tones and bass that can keep up with my demanding Android playlist and is supported by best-in-class technology. They easily pair with Bluetooth and users receive audio feedback on pairing status throughout the process.

SYNC by 50 delivers everything I was looking for in on ear headphones and compliment my Android phone perfectly.

BioSport Earbuds Likes/Dislikes



+Heart rate monitoring without being plugged in

+No need for a HR monitoring chest strap (HUGE BONUS!)

+Thin cord that lays flat

+Easy to pack and carry

+Sweat and water resistant

+Switch operates easily to toggle over to a phone call

-No volume or music controls

-Some may find the inner ear fit large.  Just remember it serves a purpose.

-Limited app compatibility

-Monthly fee for app service

Sync by 50 Over Ear Headphones Likes/Dislikes

+Great color choices

+Functional design

+Great sound

+Fold for storage

+Comes with a nice storage case

+Memory foam provides top of the line comfort

+Water and sweat proof

– Some people may find the over the ear design bulky in which case the BioSport Headphones may be a better fit.


As always, you can count on SMS Audio to deliver quality sound, comfort, beautiful design and packaging that makes you excited to open your new tech toy.  Whether you prefer in ear or over ear headphones, SMS Audio has you covered with their BioSport Earbuds and SYNC by 50 On Ear Headphones.  

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